Decay. Information of Diabetes.

The decay can be fatal in patients with diabetes

If you go to the dentist at least 3 times a year or more, if your case is to have Diabetes.

Recommend visiting the dentist every six months, but in case of diabetes should be more frequent for a thorough examination.

Represents an entry point to the bloodstream of diseases caused by bacteria

Mexico City.
The consumption of foods high in sugars and a weak immune system increases the risk of caries, an infectious disease that can lead to loss of teeth and also represent, for those suffering from diabetes, a point of entry into the bloodstream of diseases caused by bacteria.

The academic at the Faculty of Dentistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Victor Manuel Mira Morales explained that bacteria cause much of oral diseases to convert food into organic acids, which bring on tooth demineralization and cause tooth decay.

Explained that this process starts by damaging the enamel and continues in a second layer called dentin (intermediate tissue) to penetrate the internal structure (pulp) of the tooth, so that the patient shows signs of pain to require a degree of extraction .

He warned that this health problem tends to look with a black pigmentation that is often confused with food residue or drugs, but having a dark spot talks about the possible existence of caries, or as commonly said “that was bitten by teeth “.

Although this development is infectious same for all individuals, Mira Morales said that people living with diabetes are at increased risk for any type of infection because “your immune system is depressed by trying to compensate the lack of control glycemic”.

In fact, he stressed that a specialist should be very careful to provide treatment to the patient because who has low pressure, unstable glucose levels and no drug treatment can acquire bacteremia (microorganisms in the blood).

He described this as a slight problem because it is controlled with antibiotics, but when harmful bacteria grow out of control and reach the pulp causing infective endocarditis caused by these microbes in the bloodstream and, therefore, may cause death affect patient after heart.

The specialist said that UNAM bacteria upon contact with blood move to the heart, where the body tries to filter out toxins, but to not get an infection and in the liver and urinary tract .

“In severe cases may also have a generalized sepsis, which is an infection caused by bacteria or toxins in the blood and that the conjoined, lead to the patient’s death,” explained Morales Watch.

Unlike adults, children become rampant caries present after sleeping all night with a bottle full of sugar in the mouth and, although usually an effective resource for parents, this causes an imbalance in the microbial level that is capable of partially or completely destroy the front teeth.

Against this background, an academic at the School of Dentistry urged people to develop strong teeth cleaning habits, applying a technique of brushing after every meal, reduce the intake of foods high in sugars and toothbrush every change that is necessary.

Also recommended is to use floss and antibacterial rinses, besides keeping blood glucose levels under control.

“This point is important because that good oral health prevails,” said the specialist.

It is essential to visit the dentist every six months for a thorough examination, but in case of diabetes may be more frequent, especially in preventing disease pariodontal.

Worth more safe than sorry as they say our experts, not repaired tooth ever, if they get false but this is not the case it is good to have your complete teeth.

Have courage, be of good diet and exercise routine.